ROi is highly experienced in managing the complex distribution and transportation operations of health care providers. We help fellow providers optimize their existing CSC operations or stand up a new operation.

ROi’s integrated supply chain approach enables our partners to optimize supply distribution through sophisticated inventory management and consolidated transportation solutions while leveraging technology that streamlines the flow of information and provides real-time data and dashboards for improved decision-making.

ROi’s operates a state-of-the-art, 100,000-square-foot Consolidated Services Center (CSC) in Springfield, Missouri. The CSC serves as a consolidated ship-to location for vendors, while guaranteeing next-day delivery and industry-leading service levels on stocked items. By leveraging the CSC, our health care partners enjoy greater ownership and control over their supply chain through added flexibility, improved end-to-end process alignment and visibility and better overall quality and efficiency. ROi also operates a Central Distribution Center (CDC) in Earth City, Missouri, which serves as a hub for courier operations from St. Louis. The CDC is also used for central record storage, bulk buy storage, pandemic supply storage and commercial print services.

In April 2015, ROi helped our fellow provider and valued partner Fransciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System (FMOLHS) open a 125,000-square-foot CSC, known as the Logistics One Supply Distribution Center, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The facility is owned by FMOLHS and operated by ROi serving FMOLHS facilities.

The ROi team adds sustainable value through deep understanding of providers’ unique challenges in managing the flow of goods from manufacturer to end user in a clinical care environment.

Medical/Surgical & Pharmaceutical Distribution

Health care providers rely on uninterrupted and immediate access to the right supplies, in the right quantities, at the right time and at the right cost. Excellent service, ROi’s hallmark, is critical as providers look to optimize their clinical, operational and financial performance. ROi is recognized as one of the largest medical distributors in the U.S. We collaborate closely with our partners to develop a mutually agreed upon formulary of products of high clinical quality, that are always in stock and delivered next day to best serve provider and patient needs.

Inventory Management

Ensuring our health care partners have uninterrupted access to the supplies they need when they need them is at the heart of ROi’s distribution services. Our technology platform helps us understand our partners’ consumption of medication and supplies through point-of-use capture and leverages that insight to develop highly precise demand forecasts so we may effectively manage products throughout the entire supply chain. This integrated systems approach takes into account the entire life cycle of inventory through end-use and facilitates industry-leading fulfillment rates, effective asset management and highly efficient movement and storage of goods.