Our Mission, Vision, & Values.

Our Mission

We will transform the clinical, operational and financial performance of those we serve through an integrated supply chain

Our Vision

We will be a recognized leader in supply chain management through innovation and application of the best People, Processes and Technologies.

Our Values

  • Service: We respond with passion to the needs of others and add value in all that we do.
  • Excellence: We strive to attain high standards of performance and proficiency.
  • Dignity: We hold other people and organizations with regard and acknowledge their contributions.
  • Alignment: We work with those who are open-minded and actively create a common understanding.
  • Accountability: We hold ourselves and each other to our word.

We are proud to partner with fellow providers to re-engineer the supply chain in health care. Together, we can achieve significant clinical, operational and financial results that make a positive impact on the future of health care.

Gene Kirtser