Contingent Workforce Solutions

Offering unique labor management solutions to improve your patient care, employee satisfaction and operational performance from a partner who understands healthcare. Provided through HealthTrust Workforce Solutions

With ongoing nursing shortages and an increased demand for quality care, the challenges for managing a clinical workforce will continue to mount over the next decade, costing organizations more in terms of budget, resources and time spent.

The importance of properly managing labor and overhead in today’s health care landscape gives providers an opportunity to maximize their service offerings by putting the right people in the right place at the right time. Provided through HealthTrust Workforce SolutionsROi’s Contingent Workforce Solutions is a service that organizes and prepares providers for growth by managing their temporary and contracted workforce in order to assure staffing is effectively and efficiently equipped.

This comprehensive program can save organizations as much as 15% to 20% on labor, as well as countless hours spent screening, hiring and onboarding. With greater access to top quality candidates from multiple vendors, ROi’s Contingent Workforce Solutions delivers the right fit for the right job at the right price every time.

Benefits to ROi’s Contingent Workforce Solutions:

  • Lower workforce expenditures
  • Reduced labor risks
  • Enhanced hiring efficiency and efficacy
  • Greater access to specialized candidates and skills
  • Increased operational flexibility