Custom Pack Solutions

Offering significant savings on customized surgical packs tailored for clinical end-users via the largest provider-owned, FDA-regulated custom procedure tray manufacturing facility in the United States.

Alignment, Efficiency and Savings

ROi Custom Pack Solutions (CPS) offers customized surgical packs tailored specifically for clinical end-users at a price point that focuses on savings, not desired margins. While traditional Custom Procedure Tray (CPT) producers create a margin point and use commission to drive their sales teams, ROi’s CPS program utilizes activity-based pricing for every surgical pack to give our clinical partners price clarity and transparency.

Being provider-owned, ROi doesn’t commission the sales of packs — that means even greater efficiencies, passed along to our fellow providers. Our team acts as a clinical consultant to assist in creating the most efficient CPTs that meet our customers’ clinical and financial needs.

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First and largest provider-owned, FDA-regulated CPT manufacturing facility in the United States. More than 650 different sterile custom packs, non-sterile bundle packs and O.R. clean-up kits produced at 5.8+ Sigma quality level.

Benefits of ROi Custom Pack Solutions


Activity-Based Pricing: This allows caregivers to decide the end cost by only being charged the ROi purchase price for materials plus a small service charge based on the number of components in a pack. The result is savings for the clinical end-users while providing caregivers exactly what they need for surgical operations.

Short-Run Manufacturing: This allows quick turnarounds on requests for component changes in the surgical packs.

Program Control: This allows end-users and clinical caregivers to choose what is needed in their packs so only necessary items are provided.

Component Standardization: By standardizing components in each surgical pack, this allows our team to negotiate and leverage costs which creates savings that are passed on to the end-user.

No Unauthorized Substitutions: The ROi CPS program does not allow the substitution of any item in our surgical trays without end-user authorization.

FDA Regulated: The ROi CPS manufacturing facility is FDA registered and compliant.

Provider-Based Motivation: ROi is provider-owned; our motivation is to collaborate with our clinical partners to reach the best clinical, operational and financial outcomes possible. ROi’s CPS team acts as a clinical consultant to help clinical partners leverage ROi’s volume to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Any savings achieved through leveraging volumes are passed on to the clinical end user.