Medical Device Implant Solutions

Connecting your organization directly with implant manufacturers to meet the needs of physicians and combat rising PPI costs.

External factors such as decreasing reimbursement and increasing health care demand are forcing providers to explore new, innovative models to capture more savings while improving the quality of patient care.

Annually, the cost of Physician Preference Items (PPI), including spine implants, increases between 6% to 12%, and an estimated 42% of the cost associated with PPIs comes from sales and marketing expenses. With the current industry model, sales representatives are incentivized and commissioned to sell more implants to generate supplier revenue – at the cost of the health care systems they serve. Today’s challenging health care environment requires a more collaborative solution to surgical supply.

Through extensive physician leadership and engagement, ROi’s Medical Device Implant Solutions has introduced an innovative business model that connects patients to implant manufacturers more directly. The program is designed to meet the needs of physicians and combat the increasing cost and waste of medical devices while streamlining the supply chain process for the operating room.

By partnering with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), ROi distributes and services spine implants directly to our provider partners at a reduced cost. This process eliminates the “middle men” – distributors and sales/marketing forces – of the implant industry, and consolidates the number of implant vendors. By transitioning sales and physician services to internal positions within the provider setting, ROi’s Medical Device Implant Solutions program is able to displace the high cost of a traditional sales force.

Benefits to ROi’s Program:

  • Greater physician involvement in the sourcing and acquisition process
  • Increased savings over the traditional implant model
  • Better standardization across all partner outlets, including hospitals and specialist service providers
  • Unparalleled resources to ensure surgical staffs are efficient and knowledgeable of all new advances, implant changes, etc.

Download the Medical Device Implant Solutions Overview