Regard® Private Label Products

Working directly with manufacturers to secure high-quality products at significant cost savings to you.

Putting Control of Products in the Hands of Providers

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As the first provider-owned private label program in the United States, Regard®️, founded by ROi, helps providers remove steps from the supply chain to secure high-quality products at an affordable price.

The Regard product portfolio currently has 2,000+ SKUs available from more than 30 domestic and international manufacturers.

Regard®️ Product Selection

Adult wipes
Alcohol prep pads
Baby wipes
Bags and can liners
Basic wound care
Biohazard bags
Blood collection needles
Blood pressure cuffs
Bouffant and shoe covers
Cold therapy, packs, and wraps
Custom surgical packs
Defibrillation pads
Disposable EKG leads
Disposable patient apparel
Disposable pen lights
Disposable stethoscopes
Disposable thermometers (medical grade)
Ear savers
Equipment drapes
Exam gloves (nitrile and chemo)
Exam table paper
Face shields
Goggles (medical grade)
Gowns, Cover (AAMI 4 material)
Gowns, Isolation (AAMI level 2)
Gowns, Isolation (AAMI level 2, reusable)
Gowns, Isolation (Chemo rated)
Gowns, Surgical (AAMI level 3)
Hand sanitizer
Ice bags
Infuser bags
Infusion line port protectors
Insufflation tubing
KN95s (EUA approved)
Laparotomy sponges
Minor procedure trays
N95, surgical (duckbill)
Needle and sponge counters
Obstetric disposables
OR towels
OR turn over kits
Oral care kits
Patient fans
Patient ID bands
Patient lateral transfer sheets
Patient monitoring (electrodes)
Patient positioning
Patient slippers
Personal protective equipment
Pneumatic compression therapy (SCD) sleeves
Pneumatic tourniquets
Procedure Masks (ASTM Level 1, 2, and 3)
Pulse oximeter, fingertip (medical grade)
Silver dressings
Skin adhesive
Skin markers
Sterility assurance
Suction tubing and handles
Surgeon cap
Surgical clippers
Surgical masks (ASTM Level 3)
Swabs, oral and nasal