Warehouse and Transport

We offer a reliable and cost-effective alternative to commercial distribution and operate one of the largest provider-owned transportation fleets in the industry. If so desired, we help fellow providers begin their own journey into self-distribution.


Consolidated Services Center (CSC) Design & Operations

ROi is highly experienced in managing the complex distribution and transportation operations required to support and service health care providers. We adopted a self-distribution model more than a decade ago and leverage our CSC as a platform for creating new services from within the provider setting — all to eliminate more costly services provided by third parties. Through our experience and capabilities, we assist fellow providers with standing up their own CSC and/or optimizing an existing CSC. Learn more >

Transportation Management

A key element to ROi’s Integrated Model is a sophisticated transportation and logistics function that includes one of the largest privately-owned transportation fleets in the United States. With more than 125 vehicles servicing nearly 2,000 locations, ROi’s logistics network uses global positioning software to dynamically track and route vehicles, and real-time package tracking software to identify an order at any given time. Through our experience, we assist fellow providers with creating their own transportation strategy and/or optimizing existing fleet.

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