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HealthTrust completes acquisition of ROi.

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ROi believes in the power of provider collaboration to transform health care.

A recognized leader in supply chain management through a vertically integrated supply chain model, we were founded more than a decade ago by Mercy, one of the nation’s largest non-profit healthcare systems. Then, and now as an owned and operated company of HealthTrust, we serve providers across the country who share a passion for supply chain excellence. As a provider-owned Accountable Supply Chain Organization, our insights and goals are uniquely aligned with today’s healthcare organizations looking to find innovative ways to reduce the cost of healthcare.

ROi works alongside providers of all sizes to deliver end-to-end supply chain solutions to advance healthcare for our patients. As Mercy’s supply chain partner, we are proud to have been named to the Gartner Top 10 Healthcare Supply Chain list each year since the ranking’s inception.


In the early 2000s, leaders from Mercy, one of the largest non-profit health care systems in the United States, began to sketch — on the back of a napkin — a strategic approach that internalized and integrated critical facets of the supply chain. They envisioned and launched Resource Optimization & Innovation (ROi). ROi delivered more than $1 billion in savings to Mercy — and helped other providers transform their supply chain into a strategic asset. To foster continued growth and add scale to enhance value creation for our members, in 2019 we joined HealthTrust. It was a natural marriage of missions, cultures and values that aligned true operators to build on ROi’s legacy of integrated supply chain excellence.

From a backdrop of rapid transformation in the healthcare supply chain industry came an unconventional solution; a new approach to managing and optimizing supply chain: ROi transformed supply chain from a cost center to a strategic enabler.

Through our innovative, Integrated Model, ROi internally manages all supply chain functions for Mercy that were traditionally performed by industry group purchasing organizations, manufacturers, distributors and consultants.

Today, ROi leverages our experience to collaborate with a growing list of providers, who, too, can realize the strategic value of supply chain, through a partnership with ROi.