Our two divisions offer a suite of products including nursing, surgical and clinical packaging solutions.

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Medical Supplies

The Regard Medical Supplies portfolio focuses on nursing and surgical categories, bulk non-sterile products, and simple kits and assemblies. Regard Medical Supplies is committed to providing high quality medical products at competitive prices.

Clinical Packaging Solutions

The Regard Clinical Packaging Solutions product line focuses on surgical procedure packs and procedure bundles. Regard Clinical Packaging Solutions drives clinical and operational efficiencies through quality tailored programs for end-users by the largest provider-owned procedure tray manufacturer in the United States.

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Gloves, procedural masks, prep pads, and personal protective gowns and apparel are just a few of the many products we carry that are made to make nurses' jobs easier. ROi has the sourcing expertise and clinical integration to ensure quality and value in all Regard products.

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Browse our selection of surgical masks, minor procedure trays, surgical gowns and other surgical products. ROi has direct supply chain control of Regard products and is committed to bringing quality products to market.

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Custom procedural tray

Clinical Packaging Solutions

With our provider heritage and ownership, we are uniquely positioned to customize your procedural pack program to meet your facility’s quality, clinical and supply chain needs.

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